Successful Advocating for Gifted Children

Please join us as we welcome Andy Mahoney M.S., L.C.P.C., Director of The Center for Identity Potential, to speak with our group on


How to Create a Successful School-Parent Professional Team Lovefest When Advocating for Your Gifted Child

Monday, April 20 from 7:00-8:30 PM

Naperville Municipal Center

400 S. Eagle St.,  Naperville, IL
Room BC


By far one of the most stressful experiences can be collaboration between parents, teachers and professionals when supporting a gifted child. So many variables to manage and many personalities to balance.  Not to mention the variation in needs and beliefs about who and what a gifted child is about. This presentation focuses on putting together the team in a way that is non-adversarial and cooperative. This process is based on 30 years of experiencing and developing a successful school-parent-professional team model for school related conferences such as Parent-teacher conferences, eligibility meetings, 504’s and IEP’s. The presentation will identify key parts that go into building the team and keeping that team effective over time. The appropriate role and use of testing and assessment will also be discussed


Key Points:

  1. Keeping the team effective through transitions such as elementary school to middle school, etc.
  2. How to build strong communication systems and collaboratively design appropriate accommodations.
  3. Avoid common pitfalls when collaboration is not facilitated among the team members.
  4. How and when to involve the student in the team for self-advocacy.

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