Update on assessment presentation/ SB16 future focus

Are you interested in attending the STAGE presentation

on district assessments


The Future Focus SB16 meeting?

Now you can.

What is SB16, and why should you care?

SB16 is a bill already passed by the Illinois Senate and currently before the House of Representatives. If it is made law in its current form, Naperville District 203 would lose an estimated $9.4 million dollars, or 76%, of its state funding. The District would need to reconsider its commitments and how to deliver quality instruction in our classrooms.

How can you attend both meetings at the same time?

The District has agreed to present a condensed version of the Future Focus SB16 slide show at the STAGE meeting, and provide the same handouts as given to those attending the Future Focus session. Our goal is that those who attend the STAGE program will not miss any key content from the Future Focus SB16 meeting while receiving our full presentation at the scheduled meeting about the new District assessments. It’s a win-win!

Please RSVP if you have not already done so, as the District needs to know how many SB16 packets to bring to STAGE’s District assessment meeting.


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