What is my child thinking?


Understanding Your Child as a Learner &

Practical Solutions for Supporting Your Student

Have you ever wondered why your child continues to struggle with a math problem that you’ve explained over and over? Or, why a perfectly good organization system seems to cause more chaos? Have you ever sent your child to look for something in a specific place and been completely confused by his/her inability to find it? It is so simple. Why can’t they see it?

Parents experience situations like these almost every day and often wonder, “What are they thinking?”

And therein lies the answer. “What they are thinking” is critical to successful communication and learning. Furthermore, “how they are thinking about it” sheds even more light. Maybe they aren’t thinking like you do at all. Understanding how your child thinks and learns unlocks perspective into everything they do. Building useful learning strategies and supports with your child starts with this understanding. Examining what they are thinking is your key to answering so much more.

Join us on Saturday, February 15, for a valuable hands-on workshop where you will explore the following:

Understanding how your child thinks and learns
Learning how different each learner can be and why this matters
Supporting your child by learning how to strategically develop different approaches for a variety of academic tasks, organization, and other learning topics.
Using strengths to counter or overcome weaknesses

Place: Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., Naperville, IL

Time: 8:45 arrival; Workshop 9:00-1:00

Facilitated by: Adrienne Osmun*

Cost: As a non-profit group, STAGE depends on donations in order to provide programs such as this one. Even a small donation will help us cover our costs for this program and others like it.

*Adrienne Osmun is a Naperville parent of a sophomore son and a sixth grade daughter. Her unique and practical approaches to learning come from both her professional and personal experience. As an education expert for a large corporation, she architected, developed and successfully implemented a learning strategy and employee development map for over 5,000 employees. As the parent and advocate of a twice-exceptional learner, she has embarked on countless hours of research and developed strategic, practical approaches for all types of learners. She also holds a Masters in Adult Continuing Education from NIU with a focus on self-directed and sustained lifelong learning. She currently facilitates a growing support group for parents of 2e learners focused on sharing ideas, solutions, and resources.