Gifted Survey Ends this Wednesday

Parents with children enrolled in Honors Math, PI or PI+ during the past school year recently received a survey from the district (via Talk203 on May 23) seeking your input on gifted programs. The survey will close on Wednesday, June 5 so please give your feedback NOW!

You can complete a survey for EACH program that you had a child enrolled in last year. To access the survey, please click on the link that was sent in to you.

Parent input will be provided to the Gifted Planning Committee. This committee is currently reviewing all gifted programs to assess if the current programs are meeting gifted learners’ needs and to determine what changes should be made. This is a vital opportunity to let your voice be heard.

Please pass this message on to friends with children in District 203’s gifted programs.

Future Focus Next Week
At last month’s district “Future Focus” community session, PI+, PI, Honors Math and Enrichment were specifically listed with the question, “Do our schools and programs present students with the opportunity for success?” The district has stated that Future Focus feedback will “help determine the types of learning opportunities that may need to be added, expanded, reduced or changed in focus.”

By participating in Future Focus, we can have a say in how we want our children to be taught and our tax dollars spent. Here’s the action plan:

Attend an upcoming Future Focus Community Forum, either Wednesday, June 12 @ 7:00 pm at NCHS OR Thursday, June 13 @ 8:30 am at Grace United Methodist Church. RSVP not required. If you cannot attend a session, submit your thoughts via email at or on Facebook by “liking” . More info: Future Focus