New STAGE Community

New STAGE Community


My name is Jennifer Hajer and I am the current President of STAGE. I have been part of the STAGE board for 7 years and have held many positions throughout that time.

Seven years ago I was the parent of a young, bright child who loved to learn but disliked schooling a great deal. I needed guidance and support coupled with educational information from parents who have been and were in the trenches of gifted education. I wanted to find people who could relate to my seemingly frivolous problems I was having with my son without judgement.

I found all of that, and more, through my volunteering with STAGE.

It was through my sons frustrations that led me to STAGE but it is because of STAGE that I write you today.

One of my goals as President is to create community.

I want you all to have the support, guidance and understanding that this community has given to me.

I want you all to be empowered with information.

With that, I announce our new STAGE Community Facebook page.

This page is the first step in creating a supportive network of parents at all stages in their education journey.

STAGE Community- This is a community support page for people who are interested in honors, gifted, testing and identification for Naperville school district 203 K-12.

I hope you join us in building this community.

Jennifer Hajer
STAGE President


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