Would you like to get more involved with STAGE?

People who volunteer for STAGE do not have to have children in any gifted programs.

Having an interest in gifted education and a willingness to help works for us.



We currently have open positions for:

2e Parent Group Coordinator:  Coordinate 2e parent support meetings, resources, and solutions throughout the school year.  Includes planning, scheduling, and facilitation of monthly support meetings;  partnering with District 204’s 2e parent group to identify and schedule 2e guest speakers;  and addressing parent concerns and needs through networking, providing resources, and sharing supports.

Book Club/Current Events Leader(s):  Organize a group discussion on books, articles, or current events relevant to parenting gifted children or gifted education.  May be a daytime and/or evening group depending on interest.

Family Outings:  Plan occasional outings for families with gifted children to get together in an informal, social setting.

General Volunteer:  These people would be contacted as needs arise.  Examples: Picking up flyers, door welcoming at our events/pass out materials, manning newsletter sign up laptop.

Newsletter Editor:  Produce a monthly newsletter that highlights STAGE’s activities as well as news and activities of interest to parents of gifted children.

Outreach- Develop relationships with other gifted organizations in the area. Keep informed of developments in the gifted community beyond District 203. Identify potential advocacy opportunities.

Programming – Coffees:  Coordinate 1-3 informal coffees for parents during the school year.  Ideally coffees would be a mix of daytime and evening coffees.  Identify topic, reserve location and work with Publicity to advertise.

(Tentatively filled) Publicity : Create and publish brochures and flyers to advertise STAGE events. Submit STAGE events using district online form to Talk 203 and Virtual backpack.

School Board Attendees:  Attend District 203 school board meetings on an occasional basis.  Write up notes on any issues that may be of interest to STAGE and email those to the Executive Board.  Volunteers will not be asked to speak at the board meeting!

School Board Documents Review:  Reviews school board documents for any information pertaining to gifted and talented subjects.

Social Media:   Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to enable District 203 parents to connect, discuss gifted issues and concerns and be informed of local enrichment activities including STAGE’s program.

(Tentatively filled) Website Editor:  Keep STAGE’s website updated with calendar information, flyers and newsletters using WordPress.  Add any new relavent content.


STAGE Executive Board
View the responsibilities of each position on STAGE’s Executive Board and see the list of current volunteers here.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email stage203naperville@gmail.com